How loyal are your customers?

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Customer_dis-satisfactionHow loyal are your customers to YOU? 

If your customers are loyal they will show you their loyalty.  How?  In our business if you think the answer is their repeat business, you better have a lot of patience and years upon years of customers giving you that pitch that they will buy from you again — someday, with the hope some will. 

Do you know consumers keep their vehicles twice as long today than just 6 years ago?  Do you know that Dealer Service Market Share has shrunk every year over the past 6 years, a 25% decline?  Do you know near 50% of consumers today purchase based on other people’s recommendations? 

The above stats reveal serious challenges that require serious correction, while offering serious opportunities! 


How?  In our business today YOU must become “The Recommended”, not the business, YOU…and your team!  In our business today YOU must earn every possible customer’s loyalty immediately and keep it growing.  How?  They will SHOW you by why they SHARE you with everyone they know. 

No matter one’s role in business, how loyal are your customers?  Open up here.  Why must you take responsibility for loyalty?  What are your ideas to create and generate customer loyalty to you so these customers will share you with their friends and bring their friends to you to earn their loyalty? 

How loyal are YOUR customers?  Yours, not the business, yours?  What are you doing right?  What are your ideas to improve?  Are you willing to earn their loyalty, and if so, willing to change to become better at it?  The facts above prove P2P (People2People) Loyalty sticks and stays, while B2C (Business2Customer) does not.  The ball is in your court to shoot or not to shoot for real, true loyalty with every customer.  What are YOU willing to do to earn and keep it? 

Prove it; Measure it

If you are confident in customer loyalty, how can you prove it?  Consider that if you searched online for: “Customer Loyalty measurement in auto industry” you will only find measurement to the brand you sell, and “retention” programs known as “Customer Loyalty Programs” that are price-induced retention initiatives for hopeful B2C loyalty.  How would you prove and measure Customer Loyalty to YOU?

Video Chat + Desktop Share + Unicode + Record +++ = 3 why’s you will do this?

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Live Video Chat +

If you could meet face to face with anyone, anytime, anywhere around the world at a push of a button, invite others from wherever they are to join in as well, share your desktop, have Unicode chat in any language, even log in from your favorite social site, share real time all the time, enjoy productivity and convenience on the go with mobile device support, would you do this, use this, even learn, practice, teach and share best example habits daily live online together with others as everyone earns and keeps every customer loyal for life with you, your team and business from now on? 

If Yes

If yes, let’s meet face to face today.  Being first matters!  Take the lead and keep the lead!   No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter your pay grade, you better everything and everyone.   You’ll have the most proven learning environment in the world at your fingertips using the most proven method of delivery to WOW everyone every time.  





1.  Why?  Because ‘Customer Loyalty-For-Life’ sticks like glue, and if you don’t earn real, true Customer Loyalty-For-Life this way and someone else beats you to them, consider these customers LOST for life. 

2.  Why?  Because Customers and Employees need to be on the same top level earning and keeping each others loyalty for life to have customers share their loyalty everywhere with everyone they know and bring their friends to you.

3.  Why?  Because WIIFT Selfless Servant Leadership within a 1TeamSynergy movement proves to far outperform all individual efforts combined could ever dream of improving.  We need each other.  Not a one of us knows it all.  But together we can do it better.

What are Selfless Servant Leaders?

Selfless Servant Leaders unconditionally pledge to become so uniquely better together serving others so uniquely better together!  We can do this—together!


Tom Wiegand, 443-910-7702;;; www.LinkedIn/in/TomWiegand; Google+TomWiegand; Facebook: CoachTomWiegand, Twitter: @1TeamSynergy


If our focus is customer loyalty do we need worry about our reputation?

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Reputation_dominosWhich came first, our mediocre reputation or our lack of focus on earning their loyalty?

Is “reputation management” or “Customer Loyalty-For-Life” our focus, our cause?

Automotive News article December 16th, 2013 article titled: “More choice for rep management” tells of reputation management vendors that are: “in place to fetch and monitor customer reviews.”  What is the message?  “Hey ya’ll customers, we’re fetching and monitoring your reviews, so make ‘um good!”  So, by definition, reputation management is ‘fetch and monitor.’  Whoopie doo!  Are you impressed?  Makes me can’t wait to be fetched and monitored, how about you?  Yuck!  Almost sounds a bit political, doesn’t it?  NSA is fetching and monitoring our calls!  This article just makes the term “reputation management” wreak of another meaningless program to measure something pretty darn meaningless in this “Big Data” era, yes?

Which would you prefer; to concern yourself about your reputation, or to concern yourself with earning their loyalty, that will obviously boost all the reputation monitoring in the world? 

Why don’t we just measure the only measurement worth measuring – Customer Loyalty-For-Life?  Real, true customer loyalty for life sticks like glue, while reputation can be destroyed in a  minute. 

For example:  We only measure real, true Customer Loyalty-For-Life between business persons of the business and every customer.  Measurement is simple.  Earning loyalty is pretty simple, too.  I mean, if someone is going to profess their loyalty, do you really need to worry or care about your reputation?   If you focus on reputation, you’ll likely not improve loyalty.  If you focus on loyalty, outstanding reputations come along with loyalty, make sense? 

Which do you prefer measuring and why?  Would you prefer measuring ‘fetching and monitoring’ of reputation management, or the earning and keeping real, true Customer Loyalty-For-Life?  ‘Fetch and monitor’ hogwash is still hogwash.  Loyalty always breeds loyalty!  If your focus is earning their loyalty for life do you really need to worry about your reputation?  Obviously not!

You can read the article here:



Customer Loyalty Best Practices – 1

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Somewhere between 95 and 100% of all buyers test drive a vehicle before purchasing.

Somewhere between 95 and 100% of all service vehicles deserve a courtesy service inpection. 

 The VDP (Vehicle Demonstration Process) and the VIP (Vehicle Inspection Process) have proven to be one of the most important processes for Variable and Fixed Operations.  Poor, inconsistent, non-WOW-factor presentations can lead to poor reviews, lack of sales, lack of repeat business, zero loyalty and zero referrals.  The best presentations lead to better results obviously. 

 What are examples of “Loyalty Best Practices” that we can offer up, challenge, debate and come to full agreement on that we may choose to list as a “Best Practice” everyone may want to  use? 

 The parameters for this discussion are:

  1. Remain just within the VDP and VIP, anywhere from the start of the process through to its conclusion.  Nevertheless, you may go beyond the process in communication and relationship ideas to earn and keep customers loyal.    
  2. Remember, we are seeking “Loyalty” Best Practices, so your suggestions or recommendations should be within the “exceptional” category where a customer considers this a “WOW factor.” 
  3. Industry statistics reveal the ballpark is 20% retention sales to service and back again, leading us to believe “Loyalty” is much, much lower than this.  Therefore, think of this as a ground zero start to earning loyalty the right way, however you see it. 

 I’ll start with a couple examples:


  1. Vehicle to be demo’d brought to front of showroom (under-cover desired) by a teammate, engine off, key in ignition, drivers door only door open (facing showroom).  Teammate announces customers vehicle ready for demonstration.  Teammate video’s his teammate and customer(s) leaving showroom to begin a 6-position walk-around feature, benefit, feeling, acceptance presentation.  Customer(s) told they will receive this video presentation in their email for future review and sharing.  Sales adviser drives off property stopping at a preset location where everyone gets out of the vehicle to observe and switch drivers and sales adviser video’s this transfer and asks key questions engaging customers happily.


  1. Adviser, using Smartphone video’s technicians 1 red and 2 yellows discovered within inspection and shows and tells customer ‘condition’, what ‘caused’ the condition and offers recommended ‘correction’ with time frame, whether immediate, within the next couple hundred miles, within next 30 days or no later than…Adviser then videos self letting customer know this is coming in an email to customer right away and they should speak to determine next step. 


Teamwork is essential in loyalty.  When a customer interacts with two or more people, especially within other departments, the earning of loyalty improves.  Will the VDP improve because the customers were introduced to the Service, Parts, Aftermarket, Collision, Detail teams?  Will the VIP improve because customers were introduced to Sales, F&I, Marketing, Internet, leadership people?  Will the customer be wowed by the “people” that served them, not just one person?

No matter your role in this or any other industry, you or someone you know have experienced the purchase of a vehicle and the service of a vehicle.  What are indicators to you, as a customer, that may trigger loyalty habits such as openly telling teammates you, as a customer, will share this video, or this experience, or this team with people you know, and on video freely promise to remain doing business with this person or team?  You are a customer, what will cause you to commit to being loyal?


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TW_Cell_phone_picYou can expect a customer professing their loyalty to your team to endear two to five referral customers to this team a month.  Return On Loyalty soaring! 

WebRTC ( Real Time Communication) is the new communication frontier that is a whole new web protocol.  “Real time” is synonymous with “live.”   Why am I writing about a topic I am no expert in?  Two reasons.  First, as someone 100% committed to helping business people and customers earn and keep loyalty with each other, this new WebRTC will be an ultimate tool and solution.  Now, WebRTC is not required to be the web protocol for another 5 years.  Nevertheless, we’ll have it at our fingertips within a month!  Second, today there is little to no true loyalty between people of a business and customers.  This is about to change, and change fast.  We’ll be beta testing next week.  

B2C will soon be BP2C (Business Persons 2 Customers).  Business as we’ve known it is about to get quite personal and quite social in people-to-people real, true relationships to earn and keep loyalty.  And here is where loyalty thrives in people-to-people relationships.   And, we’re beating Mozilla, Google, Cisco and every other player in the video business to market first.   WebRTC is loyalty’s social networking BP2C tool coming to you very soon

Imagine a month coming soon doubling business in every department caused by customer loyalty with your people, and their loyal customer referrals wanting the same loyalty with you!   Imagine face to face branded video calls, chat, 3-way, 10-way, say you, your customer, spouse in another location, and 4 teammates supporting loyalty while addressing whatever customer needs are.   Imagine WOW factors through the roof. 

Imagine validating and being totally transparent easily, professionally and loyally, causing customers and prospects to want in on your loyalty ’cause.’    Loyalty is a challenge one on one as  all of us know.  Yet, loyalty becomes engagingly intriguing when two or more teammates team up to earn and keep customers loyal for life.  What customers want most is validation and transparency, the cornerstones of trust.  Trust in our industry needs this teammate support to keep customers loyal to people in every department of your business.  Imagine accomplishing the title in just a few months!   

Social networking will be the marvel of earning and keeping loyalty and having loyal customers share you and your team, and business everywhere with everyone they know.  It’s getting simpler.  Wow factor defining moments will always pull customer referrals, building a loyalty base quite quickly.  It is time to get ready to start 2014 off with a BP2C loyalty movement that will prove to be your best Return On Loyalty imaginable.  There is nothing more valuable to the life blood of your business and personal life than loyalty.   You can expect within this 1TeamSynergy™ loyalty movement that a customer professing their loyalty to your team will directly and indirectly endear two to five new customers a month loyal to these business people, then to your business.  Return On Loyalty will far outperform all retention marketing fforts combined can dream of achieving.   Do you want to be in on this ’cause?’

Customer Loyalty Program failure

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Are Customer Loyalty Programs a true loyalty solution? 

He was loyal until he wasn’t.  If you expect a customer to be loyal to your business because of price-perk loyalty programs to the business, you better re-evaluate your expectations of your Customer Loyalty Program.   

Last evening at a local charity event I sat next to this gentlemen widower who shared with me his recent ‘experience’ with a local auto dealership he had purchased his vehicle from.  Having dropped his vehicle off for routine maintenance he received a call from the service department telling him he needed new front brakes and the cost was going to be $350.00.  He simply said: “no thank you.”  A few days later he took his vehicle to a local aftermarket shop that charged him $160.00.  This customer participated in the dealerships “loyalty program.”  Or used to.  He’s finished with them he told me. 

Here are 3 solid reasons Customer Loyalty Programs fail to keep customers loyal

1.  Loyalty requires people to people relationships, of which this experience displayed none.  Dealerships using Customer Loyalty Programs use these programs for retention purposes to the business, not for any kind of true loyalty with people of the business with customers of the business.  

2.  Loyalty requires trust, and trust requires total validation and complete transparency.  Since the customer and business person quoting the price over the phone had no loyalty relationship whatsoever, loyalty was lost due to zero trust of the business.  Retention Marketing is the pot Customer Loyalty Programs belong in.  It is actually deceiving to call these programs “loyalty” programs, simply because there was no loyalty with any person(s) of the business and this customer.  There was no validation of the repair, nor options to choose from.  The dealerships showed no care what so ever during or anytime after the phone conversation or this gentleman’s picking up of his vehicle after his oil and filter service and tire rotation, as to whether he will remain ‘loyal.’  They didn’t show any care, so he won’t either.   

3.  Loyalty requires a commitment, not to some program, but to education to teach people of the business the habits necessary to earn and keep customers and teammates loyal with each other, for life!  

For those businesses using a Customer Loyalty Program or considering one, their true value can only be realized by measuring true loyalty between each customer and the people of your business, not to any price-perks within the ‘program.’  If a business feels they don’t need loyalty between their people and customers, just retention between customers and the business, then price will always be at the top of the reasons customers do business with your business.  This gentlemen cannot be some unique circumstance.

What is true customer loyalty worth?

Every customer openly validating their loyalty to your business has real net worth to the people they are loyal with in your business.  One loyal customer validating their loyalty with two or more people within your business will directly and indirectly endear two to five new customers loyal to these business people (then the business) a month.  Return On Loyalty (Customer Loyalty-For-Life) will far outperform all the retention marketing efforts combined can ever dream of achieving. 

Every retention marketing program goes after low hanging fruit that can always be picked off by others.  Not so with true customer loyalty high hanging fruit loyal to the core.

Leaders inspire by a ’cause’ others want in on

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Don’t look at this picture from a religious perspective.  Look at this picture and ask yourself; “why is this person, at this time, causing such positive reactions and comments, and a loyal following from every corner of the globe?”  What is he doing?  Why does everyone seem to care what he says and does?  How is he differentiating himself as a leader? 

There are two types of leaders; leaders that hold a position of power or authority, and those who lead and inspire us.  Here is a man who holds a position of high power and authority, while the world is focused only on his leading of a ‘cause’ that ‘causes’ the world to want to be included in this ‘cause.’  He is inspiring us.

What they are saying:

“I’m not Roman Catholic, but he’s the sort of leader I would gladly follow, the kind of Christ-like example I want to follow.  But incarnated grace aside, the thing that’s really shocked me the most about Pope Francis is the response he’s received from those outside the faith.  And I don’t just mean non-Catholics.  I mean those of entirely different religious traditions, but especially those with no religious affiliation at all and those who oppose religion altogether.”

“I’m not Catholic, but man do I love this Pope!” (Buzzfeed)

“I’m a Recovered Catholic, born-again pagan- but this is one cool dude!” (Buzzfeed)

“I’m an atheist, but I am really starting to like Pope Francis. He really seems like he understands that the church should be focusing on doing what Jesus said- helping the poor, needy and undesirables. If more Christians would actually live their life like this- Christianity wouldn’t get such a bad reputation. I truly hope Pope Francis continues on this path. I know he will do great things in his time for the church.” (Huffington Post)

“Though I am not Catholic or even religious, my respect for Pope Francis continues to grow. He strikes me as a true man of Christ.” (Yahoo)

“Makes me want to rethink my atheism. What a kind, good hearted, loving human this pope is.” (Yahoo)


What does Pope Francis do to evoke this love, respect and abundant following?  The answer is simply because he chose to follow his “why am I Pope” not for himself, but for the whole world.  Why is he a people’s Pope?  Not to be served but to serve.  Not to grab hold of authority, but to let go of it.  Not to crunch numbers and right a business side to his authority.  He chose to take his why ‘cause’ to the world, to have everyone see for them self his humble selfless servant ‘cause.’  He shows the world his why the ‘cause’ of Peter, his why the ‘cause’ of Christ, his why the ‘cause’ of synergy, his why the ‘cause’ of loyalty-first, his why the ‘cause’ of hope, his why the ‘cause of the poor.  Each ‘cause’ is in complete synergy with his ‘cause’ to humble himself to show love and trust to all people.  Trust requires total validation and complete transparency, and Pope Francis validates his trust with everyone and is openly transparent with his love for all.  Loyalty follows.   

People take up this ‘cause’ not for him, but for themselves.  Why?  People are following this leader not because they have to, but because they want to!   They want to feel good and his ‘cause’ is making everyone feel better about them self and the world.  What is your ‘cause?’


Pope Francis is living proof that when leaders inspire us with a singular selfless servant humble ‘cause’ people want to be part of this ‘cause.’  Focusing on selfish results-first would not have ever caused a following.  Pope Francis is living proof that with a 100% focus on the ‘cause’ of loyalty to everyone first, openly displayed through love and trust, a following starts, then more follow, then a tipping point occurs, and what seemed quite quick, the world is in on this ‘cause,’ and the results are greater than anyone imagined.   Now his ‘cause’ is the world’s ‘cause.’   Why?  People don’t buy what he does, but why he does it.  He pulls them not to him but to the ‘cause’ of loyalty — to God and each other, to Christ-like selfless servant leadership.  He shows us his ‘cause’ is a ‘cause’ we can unite within. 


Like Pope Francis, we challenge the status quo of retail, pushing aside selfish WIIFM results-first, while pulling in selfless servant WIIFT highest quality loyalty-first.  If you are the kind of person, or kind of team, or kind of business who loves to earn near every customer loyal for life, keeping everyone loyal with each other, boy do we have the membership program to have you learn, practice, teach and share best example habits daily that ‘causes’ loyalty to be earned quite quickly like this.  Do you want to be a member?  Do you want in on this ‘cause?’

Like Pope Francis, we teach earning loyalty purposely focusing on the ‘cause’ of loyalty-first. 

Like Pope Francis proves, there is a vast chasm between where current “book ends” holding customer experience, satisfaction and all retention marketing exist choking the life out of loyalty, and where loyalty thrives beyond expectations way beyond these book ends.  He inspires the world to move the book ends and focus 100% on causing loyalty, and results beyond expectations await

“Have you reached a verdict?” “We have your Honor. Retention is guilty of killing Loyalty.”

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Have you reached a verdict?”  “We have your Honor.  We find the defendant, Retention, guilty of killing Loyalty!”

The courtroom erupts.  Shouts of lies, deception, threats and finger pointing fuel the denial! 

The sentence is announced and retention gets life without parole!

Outside the courtroom throngs of people who couldn’t get into the courtroom are dancing in the streets overjoyed.  The people’s voice was heard! 


But, wait.  A plea for mercy is made to the Judge by a team willing to prove that loyalty will be resurrected if all those charged with killing loyalty accept a lesser sentence and never, ever displace loyalty as the only cause of loyalty results again.  The Judge accepts this plea deal only to review the matter again in 6 months, under the terms all must relinquish retention to loyalty first, and always.  Every single business and every single business person of every business is ordered to come and stand before the Judge and swear an oath on the Bible to convert and conform to loyalty first, or jail.   What are you going to do?


Didn’t this come out of left field somewhere?  I mean, retention was both king and queen, ruling everything from slick lead generation retention tactics to get them in, experience tactics to be as nice as possible to sell them as much as possible, even perhaps retention tactics masked as ‘loyalty programs’ to keep price-perks maybe bringing them back, or maybe not, all with the confidence more retention marketing price-perks will bring them back to the business sometime down the road.  Business websites are gussied up with “customer first” words, but everything is pointed to deals retention aims at; even those customer testimonials that speak of an experience, or ‘great deal.’   


The court found that it wasn’t so much that retention could be evil, but found compelling evidence that proved: 1) Retention purposely deceived innocent people into believing retention and loyalty , if not one and the same, are very similar.  The court proved they are near polar opposites; and 2) All, not a few, but all retention statistics proved without a doubt to push loyalty down and out until retention had loyalty under its feet either purposefully or ignorantly crushing loyalty to death.


Outside the courtroom the press surrounded the loyalty team asking questions.

[Press] “Retention is guilty.  Why would you help them?” 

[Team] “Retention is the result of selfish WIIFM results first and foremost, and that starts at the top.  Now, with the Judge ordering that businesses must put the cause of earning ‘true’ customer loyalty first within a selfless servant leadership WIIFT(Them) culture, loyalty with and between the people within the business and every customer is the lifeline to resurrecting loyalty.  Retention may prove to work with loyalty at that point, but never, ever again putting WIIFM retention practices first.” 


[Press] “What did the Judge mean when she stated all businesses must cede power to the earning of loyalty with and between all business persons of the business and customers?”

[Team] “It is about shifting strengths to allow true, meaningful and trusting loyal relationships to be earned and kept the only possible way, between people, keeping business people of business and customers loyal with each other.  She, the Judge, was also referring to shifting strengths from one on one and singular department sell, sell, sell focus to the complete tearing down of those demarcation walls separating departments now requiring all customers the same equal opportunity to earn loyalty with others in the entire business every visit.”


[Press] “Who actually wins here in this plea deal?” 

[Team] “Everyone, but the order is now different.  The earning of customers loyal will not happen one or one.  Only very few have ever proven minor value to this, simply because the loyalty involves whatever that one on one loyalty matured from, say a sales person selling a car.  The customer may tell the sales person he or she will buy their next vehicle from this person, yet as years pass, so does loyalty, especially today when people keep their vehicles years longer.    Customer loyalty can only become reality within teamwork of two or more within two or more departments of business building a purposeful, trusting relationship together with one customer at a time  today, and ongoing.  Loyalty is 100% people to people relationship driven requiring trust.  Trust is earned and kept within complete validation and total transparency.”


[Press] “Will the business win?” 

[Team] “Yes, more than they imagine, and perhaps even more than they deserve when everyone focuses on the cause of earning “Customer Loyalty-For-Life” with every customer all the time!  It is a total culture shift from WIIFM to a complete WIIFT.  The great news is that the shift can be quite seamless and take hold within just weeks.”


The Team needed to excuse itself but promised to answer more Press questions another day. 

WOW!  What a great save by this loyalty team!  What a great win for customers!  What a great win for potentially saving a business!  What a great win for business persons one and all reaching the top equally with customers!  What a great win for saving an industry!    The judge got it right!  The plea deal absolutely can work. WOW!  We gotta get