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CPR The Heart Of The World Certified!

God created us not for mediocre ordinary experiences but for extraordinary experiences!

  • 45 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • Live online

Service Description

Our world's WIIFM selfish thumbs-down 'Results-First' Culture fails to satisfy, let alone exceed the Customer, Employee, and Life experience expectations in each of us. 1TeamSynergy's WIIFT selfless thumbs-up 'Relationships-First Culture wins everyone's heart exceeding CX, EX, and LX expectations in each of us. People soar, then results, then the business! The winning business formula today onward is for businesses to make their people their brand (not products or services) and for Personal Brands of Business to make Customers their brands (not the business)! Now, think of yourself as a customer fully in charge, or equally in charge of getting your customer experiences exceeded now with a committed Person of Business. The Customer in each of us is cheering this on, as is the Person of Business in each of us, exceeding each other's expectations now. This iw where business expectations will now be exceeded too. This is why we CPR the Heart of the World Certified!

Contact Details

, , USA

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